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Barmont Maple Syrup

The Early Years

Producing Syrup Since 1943

In 1943, Helen Barnett and Lionel Montpetit bought property on Brown's Road in Huntsville and, combining their names, christened it Barmont. Helen was the original syrup maker and would be proud that the family company carries the Barmont name. ​

​Helen, along with her parents, husband and young sons, would feed the open fire to keep the sap boiling and often poured off the finished syrup at night by the light of a lantern. 


Present Day

Family Produced Maple Syrup

​Helen and Lionel's sons, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can still be found in the sugar bush every spring, carrying on the sweet tradition of turning sap into liquid gold.  Julian Montpetit is currently the lead operator of Barmont Maple. 

Our Sugarbush

Sustainable Forestry Practices

In 1997, we wrote a Forest Management Plan for our 100 acres of forest which outlined Good Forestry Practices.  By following this plan, we enhance wildlife habitat by providing shelter, food, and space that is needed to sustain their local populations.

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