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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which syrup class has the most sugar content?
    All colour classes of maple syrup have the same amount of sugar content. All Ontario maple syrup must have a sugar content between 66.5 % Brix and 68% Brix to be sold in Ontario as per O.Reg. 119/11.
  • What are Brix?
    Degree Brix is the sugar content of an aqueous solution. Brix is expressed in per cent (%) sugar content.
  • What are the grades of maple syrup?
    Maple syrup is classified into 4 colour classes and taste descriptors: Golden Delicate taste Amber Rich Taste Dark Robust Taste Very Dark Strong Taste
  • How many litres of sap does a tree produce in a season?
    On average a tapped tree produces 40 litres of sap each syrup season.
  • How do you improve sap production in your forest?
    As the forest matures, maple producers must remove the undesirable stems to allow more light, room and nutrients for the healthier trees to grow. We also have been applying wood ash and lime to the sugar bush to improve the soil health.
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